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The following are a few of the most asked about features. Please contact us if you do not see a feature listed that you require. The software may already provide the feature or we may be able to make an enhancement to our software.

Printable Feature Checklist
Feature Overview
System The system is based on Windows technology. The workstations may be installed with Windows 95 or 98.

True 32bit windows workstations
High performance C++ code, not Visual Basic, Delphi or Dbase
True Client/Server operation

Choice of server OS:

We support true choice in the selection of server hardware and operating systems. Our software will scale to match your present needs and future growth.

Windows 98 (Support a maximum of 3 users)
RedHat Linux
Windows NT

Global Medasis provides physicians and health professionals with a unique approach to data base management, billing and practice analysis. The system is designed to operate in a networked client/server environment. Every table based item in the software, such as procedure codes, diagnosis, payments, adjustments, etc. are unlimited and user definable.

Practice name on all screens
Search on any code field
Sort on any grid field
Group on any grid field
Multi-practice/company capable
Easy switch to other practice/company
Setup of all billing codes may be done without leaving the screen you are on.
Hidden financial/analysis totals on all codes

Patient The patient is central to all activities in the system.

Patient provider default
Hold patient statement flag
Hold HCFA flag
Unlimited coverage items per patient
Coverage effective dates
Coverage tied to cardholder and employer
Credit code
Demand encounter
Demand registration form
Encounter design for plain paper encounters
Batch Medicare payment posting from electronic EOB

Payments Payments, adjustments and credits may be posted to specific charges providing true open-item accounting and allowing you to report and analyze payment history by location, provider, department, insurance, procedure, etc.

Line Item Payment
One-touch calculate of insurance adjustments
One-touch transfer to secondary/private

Charge The software uses the traditional open-item method of accounting. All transactions (charges, payments, adjustments and refunds) may be listed daily or may be printed for a prior date range. A batch number is assigned to each charge and payment so that the daily reports may be printed and balanced by operator.

Four diagnosis per procedure
Fee by Insurance
Prior authorization on charge entry

End-of-Day Daily Balance is very easy
Verifies all transactions
Daily and To-Date charge/payment journals
Inquiry Patient balance aging on inquiry
Patient payments YTD
Easy correction of charge/payment mis-entries
Billing Insurance forms may be printed for claims that have not been billed yet or on demand for a single patient. Re-billing a batch of charges is easily be accomplished.

Medasis allows you to hold printing or submission of secondary claim forms until after the primary claim has been paid. This eliminates the work of finding and submitting those claim forms once the primary insurance has paid.

Electronic claims filing is as easy as printing claims. Medasis offers the capability to perform electronic claims processing through direct link to Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross for many states without incurring fees per claim. The practice may optionally elect to submit commercial claims through a commercial claims cleaning houses for a fee per claim charge.

Statements may be printed at any time for all patients with balances or on demand for a single patient. The software will automatically print statements for those patients having a balance due. The software will generate the background form eliminating pre-printed statement forms. Cycle printing of statements is also an option allowing you to print a portion of your statements each week. Medasis Corporation also offer the ability to transmit your statements to a clearing house for processing.

Pending Review Inquiry
Billing cycles
Statement to patient or account Guarantor
Unlimited form types
Print codes by insurance type
Plain paper statements
Insurance labels
Electronic Claims
Demand HCFA (or normal batch)

Reporting The reporting that is offered by Medasis is very sophisticated and powerful. Most reports in the system have many options to narrow the range of data that is reported to allow a very fine analysis of the practice.

Most reports allow several sort options to allow you to focus on the data that is important to your practice. In addition to the standard sort and selection options, most reports allow customization of the underlying SQL reporting language.

Aging Report
Analysis reports for any period showing MTD/YTD Charges, Payments, Adjustments and AR for
Provider, Group, Procedure, Location, Insurance, etc
Budget Report


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