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"Focus is the clarity of purpose that allows Medasis Corporation to commit to excellence with a determination and commitment to create not only exquisite software but unparalleled services with a single-minded concentration on delivering the absolute
best value"

President/CEO Medasis Corporation

Our Vision

Behind Medasis Corporation’s innovative practice management technology is a team of experienced professionals with forty years of practice management development experience.

Since the late 70’s we have watched healthcare information technology move slowly forward, struggling to cope with tighter regulations, consolidation, managed care and shifting financial responsibility. Changing demands put pressure on caregivers to improve the quality of care for an increasing number of patients while decreasing the cost of delivery.

At times the task has seemed essentially impossible. Productivity is severely limited by poorly designed, poorly implemented, dated and inflexible information technology. Achieving long-term success depends on supplying productive information tools that make the job easier cope with the ever-increasing demands. Until this is accomplished, progress toward profitability and productivity will remain elusive.

Medasis Corporation was founded with the clear vision of improving the process of which a practice management system is developed, supported and ultimately used by the end user. It maximizes efficiency of the process thereby improving productivity.

The traditional text based applications cannot supply the increases in productivity that will be necessary to keep pace with the demands placed on the medical practice. Medasis Corporation brings together some of the industry's most talented information technology professionals to design and re-think the process. The simplicity of our user interface hides the technical complexity of our sophisticated information management software.

Revolutionary improvements in healthcare management depend on managing the process of collecting and distributing patient information. But too much of a good thing at once can be disruptive and difficult to accept, so we designed our innovative integrated software solutions to consciously accommodate an evolutionary data-collection process, easing impact on practice budgets.

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