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  An Internet healthcare technology company specializing in
practice management software with Palm integration...
Here are some of the features in Version 4.2:
  • Tablet PC access to Scheduling and Encounter Checkout
  • Multi-Practice capable
  • Direct Electronic Claims
  • Automatic Electronic payment posting
  • Microsoft Excel Integration
  • Support for Intel and IBM RS/6000 servers
  • Data import for conversions
  • Easy to use scheduling module
  • Case Management
  • Palm/PocketPC hand-held integration

Tablet PC Integration  

Our wireless Tablet PC handheld module allows you to view your days schedule, manage patient flow and even check patients out using our electronic Encounter form. All with the touch of the stylus.


Our Palm interface lets you transfer patient information to a handheld Palm or PocketPC computer. The handhelds have enough capability to hold vast amounts of patient information.

Think of having all this at your finger tips wherever you happen to be:

  • Patient name, address, phone and information
  • All the meds the patient has been prescribed
  • Home / Work phone numbers
  • Emergency Contact Phones Numbers
  • Last Diagnosis
  • Hospital Room Number
  • Patient schedules
  • Preferred pharmacy and phone

All this and more is possible and more.



Thin client technology

The Medasis software implements thin client technology which offers high-performance and reduced support issues.

Medasis is designed from the gound up to minimize network load. The technology allows the Medasis software to offer excellent performance and all the benefits of network connectivity.

Medasis offers full integration with Micosoft Word and Microsoft Excel for complete analysis of a practice.

Ten benefits of choosing Medasis

Medasis is extremely easy to use, yet powerful enough for the most advanced office.

Medasis is priced very competitively and yet offers more of the features practices demand.

Complete Patient Flow module to view your day's schedule, manage the flow of patients through the clinic and even complete the electronic Superbill, all through a wireless handheld tablet PC.

Handheld Palm/Pocket PC integration that allows you ready access to all your patient information at the office or away.

Open hardware architecture allows you to use PC's for workstations and server.

Our software scales to larger practices very well. IBM RS/6000 and unix servers are supported for larger practices that need the extra performance.

True client/server technology that provides greater performance and data integrity.

Electronic Billing direct to your state Medicare carrier and many clearing house's, with no fee per claim.

The support is personalized and we've been told some of the best from any software company.

We are conversion experts. We can provide data conversions from many other systems. We offer full data conversions from some systems, virtually eliminating downtime.
Practice management system we have converted include:

  • Medical Manager
  • PCN/Versyss
  • DOMS
  • Medic
  • Medisoft
  • MediMac
  • And many others

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